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M&MThe latest time possible, two days prior the take off we planned to finally meet with M&M after intitial contact made almost two months ago when we started to work on the expedition homepage @ skicordillera.laviny.cz. I definitely wanted to meet those guys I just made contact the virtual way with and ask them a couple of questions about how their dream,  ski-mountaineering project on the other side of the planet, come true…  the issue worth an interest for sure when baking in the northern hemisphere.

I got to Bratislava from Prague on Friday so I had two whole days to spend with Martin and Miro before their take off in Vienna, via Madrid straight to Lima, Peru. Right away from getting off the car I was thrown into the whirpool of finishing arrangements, etc. But the team spirit was good and everything went pretty much just perfect. No space for nervousness or such things.

Martin and Miro knows what they are about to experinece. They both spent half year in Peru as interns, so they are in the know of the local culture and habits. Regarding the physical aspect of the thing well in shape. Miro just got back from little guiding at Elbrus, Kaukas in Russia and Martin had two trips to the Alps, Chamonix and Wallis in Switzerland in July. Indeed, apart from being in mountains at home, High and Low Tatras. And I guess it’s good to strech a bit before the high Andes experience anyway. However, two months spent high alpine ski-mountaineering acion nothing is granted.

First comments and testing of the equipment and materials are made and partial plans of what and when definitely to do plans are made. It’s switched on and the everythng is about to start for Martin and Miro.

I wish them to enjoy it fully, even some nice pow pow turns. Good luck and be safe!

Coming soon, first report from Lima and quite extensive interview. Stay tuned …

                      loading off the equipment from sponsors        gear checklist        packing can just start ...

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